Welcome to the 15th annual international entertainment and media law program in London UK, hosted and presented by Southwestern Law School.

The first summer abroad program wholly dedicated to international entertainment and media law, this 5-week excursion is designed to provide a unique and inspiring educational and international networking experience for law school students in the United States and abroad.

Running from Sunday, June 16h through Friday, July 19th, the program offers attendees an opportunity to enroll in up to 2 courses for a total of 6 academic credits under American Bar Association guidelines. The courses are taught in London for 4 hours a day from Monday through Thursday, allowing students to enjoy the historic and cultural aspects of the country during off-hours and to explore nearby regions and even take domestic trips throughout Europe over the extended weekend.

The program further features excursions to visit the UK Supreme Court, the Royal Courts of Justice, Chelsea Stadium, and other legal, entertainment, media, and cultural institutions in London.

Please feel free to navigate the site at and reach out to Southwestern Law School if you have any questions or concerns. For full details, download the comprehensive program information guide from this link.